A collection of QC resources!

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Check out these Yale Groups!

Yale Courses on Quanutm Information Science (Spring 2024)

  • PHYS 345: Introduction to Quantum Information Processing and Communication
  • PHYS 344: Quantum and Nanoscale Physics


Qiskit (quiss-kit) is an open source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits and algorithms.

Check out the Qiskit Textbook ranging from the basics of quantum information to quantum machine learning!

Stay up to date with Qiskit events. Past events include the Qiskit Global Summer SchoolQiskit Fall Fest 2022 (Yale hosted events!), and much more!

Other Qiskit related resources to check out are the Quantum AdvocatesQiskit GitHub, and the Qiskit Slack.

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