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About Us



We are an academic organization formed to promote and facilitate the participation of undergraduates in quantum information science at Yale.


Networking, Resources, Projects, Events.

(Depending on member interests.)

  • Develop open Source Quantum Computing Club Projects
  • Study Groups
  • Social Hours (Quantum Chess, Trivia, etc)
  • YuQC Invited Speaker Series
  • Host Tours of Academic and Industry Quantum Computing Labs
  • Quantum Coalition (Hackathon)
  • Facilitate Outreach to HS Students
  • Build a network of peers, mentors, professionals, and alumni
  • Resources and opportunities
  • and more…


We do not have an application process for our club. All undergraduates are welcome! In order to retain membership, we do require all members to join a project group. Learn more about project groups on our projects page.


Advisors: Professor Steven Girvin, Florian Carle, Ph.D (YQI)

Co-Presidents: Sofia Fausone ‘24 and Pranav Parakh ‘24

Board: Pranet Sharma ‘26, Zachary Zitzewitz ‘26, Brennan Lagasse ‘26, Shaun Pexton ‘26, Mason Abrell, Jeb Cui ‘26, and George Holm ‘26

Past Boards:

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