Spring '24 Project Groups

Quantum Error Correction

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Quantum Error Correction

Project Leader: Brennan Lagasse (Email)

Description: Quantum computers have the exciting potential to solve a wide variety of complex and relevant problems, but they must first be accurate enough to complete these calculations. This group will explore why quantum computers are prone to errors and promising strategies for correcting these errors without interfering with calculations.

Structure: Every two weeks. Earlier meetings will teach members about the basics of quantum error correction and will transition towards discussions about new advances in error correction (including some at Yale).

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Cryptography & Communication

Project Leaders: Mason Abrell (Email) and Jeb Cui (Email)

Description: Quantum Cryptography and Communication, the technical foundations upon which it relies, and the implications of its integration into existing communication infrastructure. 

Structure: Every two weeks. Meetings are discussion-based, covering the readings for that week. Towards the end of the semester, we will discuss each member’s personal project.

Tensorflow Quantum

Source: Google Research

Quantum Machine Learning

Project Leaders: Connor Totilas (Email) and Rome Thorstenson (Email)

Description: Collaboratively working through the TensorFlow Quantum tutorials. No experience is required but it may help.

Structure: Weekly/biweekly. 1 hour meetings with no required work outside meetings.

Quantum Fullstack

Project Leader: Pranet Sharma (Email)

Mentor: Prof. Jakub Szefer (Email)

Description: As quantum computers expand in scope, so does cloud access to the computers. The nuanced architecture of this cloud includes specified infrastructure designed by Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM to maximize their operation. In this group, we study and design cloud architecture to improve quantum computers and discuss methods of security to prevent external cloud attacks from malicious users. 

Structure: 30-minute weekly meetings, lectures + workshops

Neutral Atom Computer

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Quantum Hardware

Project Leader: Ben McDonough (Email) and Pranav Parakh (Email)

Description: An intermediate project group: if you did QBasics, you are ready! Topics will cover neutral atom computing and superconducting qubits computing.

Structure: 1- hour weekly meetings, with group members presenting on different topics.