Projects 2021-22


Quantum Coalition Logo

Image source: Quantum Coalition

Quantum Coalition Hackathon (Ben McDonough):

Intercollegiate, virtual QC hackathon hosted jointly by Yale and Stanford with sponsorship with industry partners working at the frontiers of quantum information science. Help organize and plan this exciting event!

Qiskit Logo

Image source: Qiskit

IBM Quantum Course Study Group (Jeffrey Gong):

A study group working through the Introduction to Quantum Computing and Quantum Hardware (the lectures and labs from IBM Qiskit Summer school) together.

Speaker Series (Jean Wang):

Undergrad accessible quantum computing talks. Join to help organize these talks and to interface with talented industry and academic professionals

Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Cryptography Study Group (Lucas Huang):

Study group for concepts in quantum cryptography. We might also delve into post-quantum crypto.


Quantum Error Correction Study Group (Barkotel Zemenu)

Study group for concepts in quantum error correction (QEC).



Quantum Programming API (Seun Omonije):

Create an API on top of existing frameworks to facilitate hybrid quantum-classical programming.



Qiskit Surface Codes (Shantanu Jha):

Implement Surface Code Encoder and MWPM Decoder on IBM Qiskit