Board 2023-24

Co-President Sofia Fausone ‘24

Sofia (she/her) is a senior at Yale studying Physics and Mathematics + Philosophy. She works in Prof. Howard’s quantitative biology lab and is interested in emerging technologies from machine learning to quantum computing. She’s been involved in YuQC since 2020, and is exciting to be part of the leadership for a second year! 

Co-President Pranav Parakh ‘24

Pranav Parakh (he/him) is from Niagara Falls, Canada, and is a Mathematics and Physics major pursuing a certificate in Computer Science. He is also a researcher at the Quantronics Lab (QuLab) under the direction of Prof. Michel Devoret and is currently working on simulating the behaviour of asymmetric superconducting circuits. Outside of quantum, Pranav is game for nearly any sport (he plays as many intramural as possible!), is a member of the Yale Climbing Team, and enjoys playing guitar and piano.

Events Coordinator Pranet Sharma ‘26

Pranet (he/him) is a sophomore in Berkeley College studying Physics and Economics. He adores all things physics—particularly exploring the fundamental granularities of the universe—and applying them to solving problems that were previously deemed unsolvable, and he currently works on researching methods to optimize quantum computer architecture while securing them against attacks. In his free time, he loves to read, spend time in the outdoors, watch movies, eat and cook good food, and play basketball.

Social Chair Zachary Zitzewitz ‘26

Zachary (he/him) is a sophomore in Morse college double majoring in physics and math. He is from Hanover, NH and did research in the advanced electro-optical systems group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory last summer. Outside of quantum computing, he enjoys model rocketry, board games, and martial arts.

Invited Talks Director Brennan Lagasse ‘26

Brennan Lagasse (he/him) is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Math from Wallingford, Connecticut. He is excited about the potential of quantum computers to solve new and impactful problems and is interested in the algorithms and error correction techniques required to make this happen. He researched scalable algorithms for error correction during the summer of ‘23 with the Efficient Computing Lab at Yale. Outside of YuQC, you can find him playing tennis, hiking, or reading.

Treasurer Shaun Pexton ‘26

Shaun (he/him) is a sophomore in Silliman College from the UK. He’s a prospective Applied Physics major, with a passion for anything quantum. He loves music - in particular jazz, and its surprising connections to quantum mechanics - and is an avid triathlete, competing in endurance events all over the world.

Projects Manager Mason Abrell ‘26

Mason Abrell (he/him) is a sophomore in Davenport, majoring in Physics and Global Affairs. When not trying to debug his latest Qisket program, he can be found tucked away in some long forgotten nook in a library reading a fantasy book, playing intramural volleyball, or practicing kendo! He also loves morning tea and a good book to accompany it, so if you have tea or book recommendations, let him know!

Website Manager Jeb Cui ‘26

Jeb Cui (he/him) is a rising sophomore in Silliman college from Springfield, Virginia. He plans to double major in Physics and Computer Science and is interested in the Education Studies certificate. When he isn’t studying or hanging out with YUQC, he loves to cook and play cello. This summer he taught for the U.S. Grant foundation and worked as a Cultural Connections counselor for Camp Yale.

Sponsorships & Outreach Chair George Holm ‘26

George Holm is a Computer science + math major, in Stiles class of 2026. His hobbies are lifting, pole vaulting, mma, and poker!